Hey TorontoCast users – We had a little issue today and pleased to confirm that it was resolved within 5 minutes. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and to confirm we used the time to update the shoutcast servers to avoid any pre-planned down time. 

Official update as below:

Agnes outage update: According to the datacenter, they had to do an emergency replacement of a data switch on the rack that Agnes is on which required that all of the servers on the rack to be shut down. The outage lasted about five minutes. 

On the bright side, I was at my computer at this time thus I was able to engage immediately and discovered that during the reboot process the MYSQL server used by Centova did not automatically restart. This issue has now been corrected on all servers. Since I was under the hood on the servers, I also updated the Shoutcast DNAS to the latest version. 

If you are using Shoutcast and see the message in the admin section that a new version is available, you will need to restart your server, at your convenience, to update your stream to the latest version. 

Finally, by popular request, today we added the option to pay by credit card in addition to PayPal in the billing system.

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