As the new year fast approaches it’s evident that many will consider a new hobby or rekindle a resolution.

Make producing your very own stream on TorontoCast a resolution with our competitive packages and fantastic technology which gives you 24/7 streaming without the need of any additional programs or licenses.

As a fully licensed station TorontoCast streams are controlled by you, the producer and what’s more is that we do all the leg work to ensuring your stream is fully licensed by SOCAN.

Upon creating your stream you’ll be provided e-mails with all the info on how to get started and what’s more is that a team of producers will be on hand as support if you need it.

So, start 2018 off with something you love, a hobby that will definitely keep you entertained.

“TorontoCast is like a family of like minded people” says one of our producers.

“You’ll be up and running with your very own stream within the hour” says another.

How to join? Click here

The TorontoCast team would like to take this moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Written by Stephen A Ireland

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